District 26 Muffy Davis, Sally Toone, Michelle Stennett

From left, Muffy Davis, Sally Toone and Michelle Stennett.

    Driven by massive turnout among Blaine County voters, Democratic candidates easily swept a trio of seats representing District 26 in the Idaho Legislature in Tuesday’s election.

     The election results were fully revealed Wednesday morning, when the last two precincts in Camas County reported. Results from Blaine County were released Tuesday night, and Gooding and Lincoln County followed Wednesday morning.

     Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett, D-Ketchum, defeated Republican challenger Julie Lynn 10,094-6,768 district-wide. Stennett garnered 59.9 percent percent of the vote

     Rep. Sally Toone, D-Gooding, defeated Fairfield Republican Mike McFadyen 9,767-7,026. She received 58.2 percent of the vote.

     Democrat Muffy Davis beat three-term incumbent Rep. Steve Miller 9,508 to 7,393. She had 56.3 percent of the vote.

     Davis received 7,724 votes in Blaine County to Miller's 2,775. Toone received 7,391 votes to McFadyen's 3,000, while Stennett received 7,772 to Lynn's 2,700.

     That was a major shift from the last mid-term election in 2014, when Democrat Dick Fosbury received 4,806 votes from Blaine County and Miller received 2,275. Combined with advantages in the Republican-leaning Lincoln, Camas and Gooding counties, Miller was able to secure a 126-vote win over Fosbury.

     2016 featured a similar scenario to 2014; Miller ran against Democrat Kathleen Eder. In a presidential election year, Eder won 6,970 votes from Blaine County.

     Yet, she performed poorly in the Republican areas of the district. Miller won re-election by a 264-vote margin. He garnered 3,756 votes from Blaine County that year.

    On Election Day, Stennett surpassed her 2014 total of 4,976 votes from Blaine County. Toone, who first won election in 2016, surpassed her total of 6,896 votes from Blaine County.

     Turnout was also up in Gooding and Lincoln counties relative to the 2014 mid-term, but it was not enough to offset the Democrats’ advantage in Blaine County.

     On Tuesday, Miller received 3,214 votes in Gooding County to Davis’ 1,183 votes. He received 2,834 votes in Gooding County in 2014 and 3,807 votes there in 2016.

     He received 1,015 votes in Lincoln County on Tuesday, compared with 950 in 2014 and 1,222 in 2016. Davis received 458 votes in Lincoln County, more than the 371 votes Fosbury received in 2014.

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