Former Vice President Joe Biden has raised about four times as much money in Blaine County as President Donald Trump has, from about four times as many donors, according to a New York Times map of campaign donations organized by ZIP codes throughout the country.

The Blaine County data appears incomplete, however, as the map does not seem to include the 83353 ZIP code for Sun Valley.

A story accompanying the map, published Monday, states that it covers more than $1.7 billion donated by 7.6 million people since April.

In the 83340 ZIP code, which covers Ketchum, Trump raised $70,006 from 97 donors. Biden raised $457,130 from 427 donors.

In the 83333 ZIP code, which covers Hailey, Trump raised $45,220 from 94 donors. Biden raised $65,757 from 387 donors.

In the 83313 ZIP code, which covers Bellevue, Trump raised $16,491 from 29 donors. Biden raised $10,564 from 60 donors.

The county totals—not including those from Sun Valley—are $131,717 from 220 donors for Trump and $553,451 from 874 donors for Biden.

Janie Davidson, chairwoman of the Blaine County Democratic Central Committee, said in an interview that she was not surprised by the data.

Davidson said that in Blaine County, “citizens have come out in droves, putting their efforts into getting the best people into office up and down the ticket.”

“We’ve had people dispensing information about voting, volunteers informing folks about our candidates and informed property owners putting signs up all over the place,” she said. “People are really excited about our candidates this year, and it shows.”

Several other ski resort towns in the Rockies followed a donation pattern similar to Blaine County’s.

In Jackson, Wyo., Trump raised $799,144 from 147 donors. Biden raised $1,360,296 from 448 donors.

In Park City, Utah, Trump raised $353,061 from 398 donors. Biden raised $957,228 from 1,561 donors.

In Aspen, Colo., Trump raised $40,875 from 76 donors. Biden raised $1,499,219 from 472 donors.

According to the New York Times story, the analysis does not include donations to the candidates’ parties, but covers more than 90 percent of contributions to Trump, Biden and the committees directly linked to them, from $1 gifts to checks of more than $700,000. The average donation to those committees was $71 for Trump and $76 for Biden.

Overall, Biden raised $1.07 billion and Trump $734 million over the past six months in the 32,000 populated ZIP codes.

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