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Voters will not go to the ballot box this spring for the Idaho primary, instead the vote will be conducted by mail.

Joe Biden—the winner of Idaho’s Democratic presidential primary—took home more votes than Sen. Bernie Sanders in every District 26 county but Camas, election results show.

Meanwhile, more than 90 percent of local Republicans voted for President Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee.

Idaho was one of six states that held their presidential primaries Tuesday, the day with the fourth-largest number of delegates up for grabs. Biden also won the delegate count in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri on Tuesday, while North Dakota went for Sanders. As of early Thursday morning, Biden held a slight lead in Washington.

Former Vice President Biden prevailed in the Gem State with about 48.8 percent of the vote, compared to Sanders’ 42.5 percent. Three other candidates who had already ended their campaigns also earned upwards of 1 percent of the vote: Elizabeth Warren with 2.7 percent, Michael Bloomberg with 2.4 percent and Pete Buttigieg with 1.3 percent.

Trump was supported by about 94.5 percent of Republican voters in Idaho, though challengers Bill Weld and Joe Walsh had a slightly stronger showing in Blaine County than they did statewide.

In Blaine, one of Idaho’s bluest counties, Biden took home 59.9 percent of the 3,865 Democratic votes, while Sanders brought in 31.4 percent—a wider gap between the two candidates than in neighboring counties. Biden had held a strong fundraising lead in Blaine County since holding a $2,800-a-

ticket event in Ketchum last August.

In redder Lincoln and Gooding counties, where a significantly lower number of Democrats voted, the race between the two candidates was slightly closer. The Democratic presidential primary in Idaho was open to both registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

Seventy-nine Democrats in Lincoln County chose Biden—giving him 54.5 percent of the vote—while 51 voters, or 35.2 percent, chose Sanders. In Gooding County, 190 Democratic voters—50.5 percent—chose Biden, while 129 voters—34.1 percent—went for Sanders.

Camas County was the only District 26 county to favor Sanders, with a single vote deciding the race: 22 people voted for the Vermont senator while 21 chose Biden.

Blaine County Republicans overwhelmingly supported Trump, with 91.7 percent casting their vote for the president. Weld earned 4.1 of the Blaine County vote and Walsh—who ended his campaign in February—brought in 3.3 percent.

Trump earned 95 percent of the vote in Gooding County, 92.5 percent of the vote in Lincoln County and 94.2 percent of the vote in Camas County.

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