The Space

Leo Padilla Sacha, left, works with student Jheremy Ferrua Ames at The Space in Hailey.

The Space, a nonprofit organization in Hailey that offers free and low-cost services to under-resourced students in grades six through 12, has recently expanded its services and office space in order to provide more students in the Wood River Valley with educational opportunities, regardless their of economic circumstances.

The Space works in partnership with local community organizations—as well as with educators, students, parents and community members—to ensure that each student is prepared to succeed in their studies and further their education.

“There is a very significant need for all students to access the same support and educational resources,” Executive Director Aaron Bronson said. “Often times, financial means were not allowing all students to take part. We wanted a space that all kids could access high-quality tutoring at the same level that would be the equivalent of what a paid tutor would be offering.”

22-10-21 after school program 2.jpg

Naomi Runkel, right, tutors student Joseph Melgar-Egoavil.

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