Wood River Middle School

The school board is working with Wassmuth Center for Human Rights in Boise to investigate allegations of racist incidents at Wood River Middle and High schools

The Blaine County School District is seeking more information on reports of “ongoing” racist incidents at Wood River Middle School and Wood River High School.

The allegations, which district officials would not elaborate on, prompted more than two dozen community members to write letters to the school board prior to its December meeting last week. Those letters outlined accusations of discrimination against Black and Latino students at the two schools.

“As a community member I believe that all students have the right to [a] safe and supporting learning environment in our schools,” Chairman Keith Roark said, quoting from one such letter. “Discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated. I am aware that there are ongoing racist and harmful incidents occurring at our schools, and that racist actions towards Black and brown students are sometimes unaddressed by Blaine County school staff—this is referring specifically to Wood River Middle School and Wood River High.”

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