Anyone interested in joining one of the Blaine County School District’s three volunteer advisory committees has until today, Oct. 8, to submit an application.

The school board is looking for parents and guardians, staff members and members of the community at large to serve on the Finance Committee, Policy Committee and Calendar Committee. Per board policy, applicants need to either have a child in the district, be a resident and/or tax payer in the county, work for the district or be an expert or professional in the relevant field.

“The board seeks committee members who have experience applicable to the committee’s purpose and have varied background and perspective,” the school district said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest to Board Clerk Vicki Pitcairn at clerk@blaineschools.org.

For more information, email Pitcairn or go to www.blaineschools.org.

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