Want to know something about just about everything? Check out the wide-ranging list of senior projects that has challenged a group of 32 Sun Valley Community School seniors in 2019.

Today, Friday, May 10, through next Friday, the students are giving oral presentations of their projects to audiences in the school theater.

Here’s a list and scheduled starting times of the 20-minute presentations. The public is invited to attend any or all:

  • Friday, May 10: Starting at 3:15 p.m. Peter Morawitz on “Theravada Buddhism in Thailand”; Blakely Spoor on “Understanding Family Business”; Henry Cherp on “A Kayak Descent of Idaho’s Salmon River”; and Colton Donovan on “How the BP Oil Spill Impacted the Fishing Industry.”
  • Monday, May 13: Starting at 3:15 p.m. Joe Hall on “Working as an Intern Engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory”; Lizzy Vanderkloot on “The French Approach to Cooking Sustainably”; and Sophia Mazzoni on “The Fabric of Life: Quilting Throughout History.”
  • Tuesday, May 14: Morning presentations at 10 a.m. Addie Rafford on “Climate Change in Alaska”; and Tillie David on “Therapeutic Benefits of Fly Fishing.” Afternoon presentations at 1:45 p.m. Elena Guylay on “The Plight of Endangered Sea Turtles”; Katie Wehrly on “Wandering the Painter’s Way Through the Romantic Era”; Eliza Marks on “The Current Fate on the Supreme Court”; Elk Spencer on “Idarado Media”; and Chloe Lewis on “The Environmental Impacts of Tourism.”
  • Wednesday, May 15: Morning presentation at 10 a.m. Sarah Morgan on “How Political Differences Have Challenged Gray Wolf Existence”. Afternoon presentations at 1:45 p.m. Madison Ferris on “Wholesaler or Consumerism?”; Blake Bathum on “Mountain Management and Sustainability”; Christine DuFur on “An Actor’s Perspective”; Lily Fitzgerald on “ESL in Zambia”; Kinley Miller on “Body, Mind, Spirit: One Union”; Cami Rawlings on “Girls’ Education Inside a Refugee Camp”; and Hunter Diehl on “Music City Madness.”
  • Thursday, May 16: Starting at 1:45 p.m. Miriam Gilman on “Community Gardens in Cape Town and Blaine County”; Bennett Snyder on “Benefits of Rivers by Kayak”; Ian Hanna on “An Exploration Through Aviation”; Giselle Harmon on “Photography from Cuba to San Francisco”; Wyatt Minor on “An Inside Look at a Global Company”; and Faye Prekeges on “Volunteering at Ritsona Refugee Camp.”
  • Friday, May 17: Starting at 1:45 p.m. Aurora Wilkinson on “The Meaning of Home Through Opposing Socio-Economic Groups”; Jake Blackburn; Ella Wolter on “Ins and Outs of Interior Design Industry”; and Naia Drougas on “Nonprofit Organizations in a Small Community.”
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