The grassroots organization Reclaim Idaho journeyed to Ketchum on Saturday, Feb. 22,  in search of support for its “Invest in Idaho” ballot initiative, which would increase statewide K-12 funding by $170 million if it receives voter approval.

     “[The initiative] would give kids access to qualified teachers by making teachers’ salaries more competitive, improve special education programs and add high-school technical training focused on welding and agriculture,” Reclaim Idaho co-founder Luke Mayville said in an interview.

Currently, the petition has over 20,000 signatures, according to Mayville, and needs a total of 55,000 by April 30 to become a proposition. Mayville said the group aims to recruit volunteers in the Wood River Valley and collect several hundred signatures across Blaine County in the coming months.

     “What’s most exciting is these signatures have come from all across the state. We did see quite a bit of support [in Ketchum] on Saturday,” Mayville said.

     Reclaim Idaho previously added a Medicaid expansion proposition, later approved by voters, to the 2018 ballot.

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