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During the April 20 scholarship awards assembly, Chuck Gates Youth Golf Endowment board president Roger Roland, left, presented scholarships for the first time from his organization to, from left, Viviana Hurtado, Xavier Haemmerle and Matthew McGraw.

   It was a night of “amazing philanthropy,” Silver Creek High School Mike Glenn said.

    Wood River High School principal Peter Jurovich thanked “a generous community that makes our school better. They believe in you and they’ve invested in your future.”

    The Blaine County School District administrators made their comments during the Wood River/Silver Creek High School 2014-15 Scholarship Awards Ceremony April 20 in the school’s commons area.

    Close to 40 organizations, memorial funds and individuals announced scholarships to students active in academics, community affairs and leadership.

    Scholarships announced Monday were:

  • Lewis Legacy Scholarships given in the name of Dr. Jim Lewis, Blaine County School District superintendent from 1999-2009, were presented to two students planning to go into education. Recipients Shannon Quigley and Samantha Goitiandia will receive $1,000 per year for their first two years of college.
  • Also leading the way was the Hailey Rotary, which has awarded scholarships at the high school since 1967.

    Hailey Rotary grants went to Joel Rinckwald, Renee Shapiro, Samantha Sutton, Anggy Verano, Cassidy Miley, Kathleen Reyes, Jasmine Schofield, Samantha Goitiandia, Nicole Penrose, Sage Kelly, Taylor Lenane, Timber Kelly, River Kelly, Alysha Herich, Kaedi Fry, Rory Cole, Abigail Barton, Giselle Andrade, Megan Murphy and Desmond Porth.

  • The Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary gave nine $1,000 scholarships. Recipients were Alexandra Begley, Ashley Hicks, River Kelly, Sage Kelly, Timber Kelly, Amanda Passey, Nicole Penrose, Lucas Robertson and Richard Ruiz.
  • Recipients of Sun Valley Board of Realtors $1,000 scholarships were Samantha Sutton, Lucy Brannon, Kathleen Reyes, Megan Murphy, Rory Cole and Desmond Porth.
  • Awarded for the 22nd year were Leon Friedman Memorial Scholarships. The 17 recipients were Rory Cole, Joel Rinckwald, Tatum Morell, Renee Shapiro, Hayden Thayer, Kenya Schott, Samantha Sutton, Sage Kelly, Ashlie Pulleiro, Jonathon Scott, Cameron Benson, Megan Murphy, Kaedi Fry, Giselle Andrade, Rachael Malone,  Kathleen Reyes and Hailey Hulett.
  • Dollars for Scholars grant winners were Ashlie Pulleiro, Cameron Bingham and Michael Niedrich.
  • Lucas Robertson accepted the Blaine County Education Foundation (BCEF) Scholarship. A second-year BCEF award called the First Generation Scholarship went to Kenya Schott and Richard Humberto Ruiz Mireles.
  • Given for the third year was the Jean Todhunter Scholarship. The recipient was Cameron Benson. The Helen Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship for strong interest in environment was presented to Rory Cole.
  • The first Chuck Gates Youth Endowment Scholarships went to Matthew McGraw, Viviana Hurtado and Xavier Haemmerle.
  •    Sun Valley Center for the Arts grants for high school arts and humanities went to these Wood River students:
        Ashlie Pulleiro and Haylee Pettit (Gay V. Weake Scholarships), Hallie MacPherson (Ezra Pound), Kim Aranda, Waverly Brown, Monica Carrillo, Michelle Casas, Leo Corrales, Malila Freeman, Zoe Gibson, Arika Gourley, Josie Koeplin, Alyssa Lamprecht, Indie Landon, Sienna Miley, Cassidy Miley, Spenser Pfau, Gina Pulleiro, Nicole Shardlow, Olivia Stimac, Nathan Stouffer and Santhiana Taylor.
        Teacher recipients of Center grants were Kathleen Gherman, Rebecca Martin and Betty Roger Ervin.

Other award recipients

    Josh Pollock Memorial $4,000 scholarship from Power Engineers (presented for the 19th year): Lucas Robertson.

    The Bob Shay Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 from the David Ketchum American Legion Post (16th year): Ciceley Peavey.

    Barbara Cimino Memorial Scholarship winner was Hagan Barsch.

    Twelve students received Student of Hispanic Origin Continuing Scholarships in memory of Jim Cimino. Recipients were Alberto Gonzalez Jr., Viviana Hurtado Romero, Jasmine Marquez, Casandra Hurtado, Kevin A. Virula Hernandez, Isabel Juarez Ibarra, Kathleen Giovanni Reyes, Anette Torres Rangel, Giselle Andrade, Erika Lopez, Adriana Reyes DeLeon and Adrian Bedolla Vargas.

    Samantha Sutton accepted the PEO scholarship.

    Dual Immersion scholarships went to Giselle Andrade and Rory Cole.

    Other memorial grants were:

    The third Joe Wiederrick Memorial Scholarships of $500 were given to Emma Poe and Andrew Pearson in memory of the 2012 Wood River High graduate.

    The second Cindy Lawson Kesting Memorial Scholarships went to Ashley Hicks and Lucy Brannon.

    Alan and Diane Johnson Memorial Scholarship (12th year): Timber Kelly.

    Jill Palm Memorial Scholarship: Brigette Thomas.

    The Wende Lee Thornton Memorial Scholarship from the Thornton family: Samantha Goitiandia.

    Tyler Shelly Memorial $1,000 Music Scholarship honoring the memory of the 2002 WRHS graduate (11th year): Haylee Pettit.

    Many organizations, groups and businesses contributed grants.

    Upper Big Wood River Grange $1,000 Scholarship: Ciceley Peavey.

    Kiwanis Club: Kathleen Giovanni Reyes. Blaine County Republican Women: Sage Kelly. GRIT Scholarships: Rachael Malone at WRHS, Adriana DeLeon, Erika Lopez and Orion Rogers at Silver Creek High.

    Building Contractors of the Wood River Valley/Gregg Stowe Scholarships and Wilson/Woodyard Scholarships were presented to Cassidy Miley, Jackson Toothman, Ashley Hicks and Andrew Pearson.

    Bellevue Parent Association: Amanda Passey. Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Award to a prospective business major: Cameron Benson.

    Marketron Scholarship: Cody Carter. Sonja Tarney Scholarship: Joel Rinckwald. Blaine County Education Association $500 grants: Samantha Sutton and Desmond Porth.

    Dick Metz Surfing Heritage Foundation $1,000 Scholarships: Megan Lube at WRHS and Isabel Ornelas, Silver Creek High School.

    Vision Source of Ketchum and Hailey: Amanda Passey. Wood River Medical Society: Jasmine Marquez and Kathleen Reyes.

    Smith College Book Award for an outstanding junior: Caitlyn Sfingi.

    United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Awards and Academic All-Stars: Cassidy Miley, Sage Kelly and Samantha Sutton.

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