School District faces major bill for building upgrades (copy)

Retrofitting the HVAC system at Wood River Middle School is one of the school district’s top priorities.

The Blaine County School District will ask voters Tuesday to approve a levy of up to $5 million per year for five years to cover the costs of maintaining and renovating district-owned buildings. Citing a pressing need to address district facilities, the school board unanimously agreed to put the question on the August ballot during its regular monthly meeting on June 14.

The funds must be authorized by voters through a plant facility levy election, which is slated for Aug. 30. The question on the ballot will be whether the Board of Trustees should be authorized to levy the desired amount of $5 million per year, continuing each year thereafter through the end of fiscal year 2027. The levy will total $25 million over five years, but, according to the board, this money will not be available all at once.

If approved, the Aug. 30 Plant Facilities Levy would have a property tax impact of not more than $34.90 per year for every $100,000 of taxable assessed value in the community, according to district estimates.

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