Veronica Broderick; Heminway STEAM School

Kindergarten teacher Veronica Broderick prepares for the arrival of students at the Ernest Hemingway STEAM School in Ketchum on Tuesday, Aug. 30. Classes start across the Blaine County School District on Thursday, Sept. 1.

With the new school year come changes to the Blaine County School District’s safety policy, new technology and expanded roles for campus safety officers.

Local public schools begin Thursday, Sept. 1, after being pushed back from the original starting date on Aug. 31.

The decision to push back the first day came after the school board decided to include additional safety training for staff. Those sessions will be held today, Aug. 31, in conjunction with law enforcement and the district’s information technology team. The training will emphasize incident prevention, with a review of safety procedures, updates on best practices for school safety and rehearsals of response protocols.

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