The BCRD board on Nov. 20 fleshed out a contingency plan for the Recreation District’s HUB after-school program at the Community Campus in case the Blaine County School District goes to “Plan C,” or online learning.

“Plan C is a bit of a moving target these days,” BCRD Program Director Jenna Vagias said. “The School District has been closing down [for online learning] school by school, but reserves the right to close down the district entirely if needed. If schools are closed down entirely, the BCRD has a plan to accommodate essential daycare limited to 24 students Monday through Thursday, with programming and academic support.”

Since the beginning of the school year, the HUB has been providing after-school care for students from kindergarten through fifth grade Mondays through Thursdays, and with full day care on Fridays. The HUB, as well as the BCRD’s offices, operate out of the Community Campus in Hailey, a building the School District owns.

“That will continue because it supports the School District’s current hybrid model,” Vagias said.

The hybrid model splits students by last name during the week among online and in-room classes and leaves Fridays online only.

“HUB After School programming is important in helping ensure as many children are supported as possible,” Davidson said. “The BCRD is prepared to support the community as best we can to deliver services to those in need.”

Basketball clinic planned

The board also approved a plan on Nov. 20 to begin a youth basketball “skills and drills” clinic at the Community Campus. The program is set to begin in mid-January.

“The intent of this program is to provide an active recreational opportunity for the youth of our community in as safe of an environment as we can,” BCRD Executive Director Mark Davidson said.

The conceptual plan for the clinic requires all participants to wear face masks and minimizes the number of youth and coaches participating at any given time to 36 kids and four coaches, separated into smaller groups based on age. No spectators would be allowed and participants would be required to maintain adequate physical distance from one another.

Davidson said BCRD staff will coordinate regularly to address risk levels associated with COVID-19 and the BCRD reserves the right to end the program based on COVID-19 risk levels or in accordance with local, state, and federal orders. Registration for the basketball clinic is set to begin on Dec. 9 on the BCRD website

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