Nineteen Carey School seniors became Carey School alumni on Friday, as the class of 2019 officially graduated from the Blaine County School District. On Thursday, they’ll be joined by many more, as their peers at Wood River and Silver Creek high schools will move their tassels and collect diplomas of their own. Pictured, front row, from left to right, are: Rita Garcia, Athanasia Versis, Andrea Ruiz, Chantele Styhl and Lindsey Morey. Second Row: Kodi Green, Jaqueline Rojas, Shantell Chavez, Kolbie Sanderson, Brittany Conrad, Breeze Verheez. Back row: Morgan Drechsel, Joshua Edgington, Tyler Johnson, Porter Mecham, Omar Morales, Max Dilworth, Bryan Vargas and Roy Peck.

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