The City of Ketchum will begin its budgetary process for fiscal year 2021 on Wednesday during a special city council meeting scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

The $33.6 million dollar budget includes funding slashes in most of the city’s departments in an effort to account for revenue losses expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The draft budget projects a 33 percent decline in local option tax revenue, as well as declines in state-dispersed funding. According to Mayor Neil Bradshaw's budget summary included in Wednesday's meeting packet, the budget focused on reducing spending on traveling and training, operating supplies and materials in the amount of $25,000, as well as reductions to contract services for the above mentioned agencies, cutting costs in the amount of $775,000.

The draft budget, which residents can view here on the city's website, also includes zero funding for Visit Sun Valley, the marketing arm of Sun Valley and Ketchum. The budget also projects a 25 percent decrease in funding for Mountain Rides. The decrease in contractual services also means one fewer officer for the Ketchum Police Department, which is staffed by the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.

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