Blaine County Moderate COVID Risk

Blaine County officials have lowered the county’s determined risk for COVID-19 transmission from “critical” to “moderate.”

Based on its own risk-assessment model using data from Dec. 20-26, the county on Thursday was lowered from the highest risk category—after being there for numerous weeks—down two categories, skipping over the “high” category. The county has four risk levels in its model: minimal, moderate, high and critical.

The county’s rate of COVID-19 tests registering as positive dropped from 12.19 percent the previous week to 4.33 percent. The number of cases per hypothetical 100,000 residents dropped from 34.8 to 8.1, based on a seven-day average. Both figures are considered “moderate” risk, as is the county’s assessment of local hospital capacity.

According to the state Department of Health and Welfare, the number of tests administered in Blaine County also decreased significantly during that week, down about 35.27 percent from the week before.

“The county is doing better, but there is potential for virus spread because of increased community congestion around holiday events,” the county’s online informational dashboard states.

The county will reassess the risk on Thursday.

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