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Students in the Blaine County School District are splitting time between virtual learning and in-person classes, with safety precautions in place.

As of Thursday evening, 55 students and 20 staff members in the Blaine County School District were in quarantine due to suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID-19, according to the latest updates on the School District’s coronavirus dashboard.

Roughly half of those students—a combined 27—attend Wood River Middle School and Wood River High School, the dashboard shows. The Carey School was the only school with no students currently in quarantine.

At least one staff member at nearly every school in the district, with the exception of Hemingway STEAM School and Silver Creek High School, was in quarantine as of Friday. That group consists only of people quarantined due to suspected or confirmed contacts, not those known to be sick.

Meanwhile, the district reported five active COVID-19 cases among students and six active cases among staff, with current student cases confirmed at Wood River Middle School and Wood River High School and current staff cases confirmed at the Carey School, Hemingway STEAM School, Wood River Middle School and Wood River High School.

Those numbers reflect the number of students and staff who were actively in quarantine or who actively had the virus as of Thursday evening. A previous model of the School District’s dashboard reported the total number of quarantines and confirmed cases for the school week prior, but the dashboard will now be updated each Friday with current active COVID-19 cases and current active quarantine numbers as of Thursday evening, Superintendent GwenCarol Holmes said.

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