A man will face sentencing Monday after pleading guilty to two felony charges following a plea agreement that dismissed two additional felonies, all connected to a prolonged armed standoff with law enforcement at a convenience store in the rural town of Picabo in November.

Dillon Dugger, 30, was originally charged with four felonies: aggravated assault, attempted strangulation, unlawful possession by a convicted felon of a weapon and grand theft, for an incident that led to a three-hour standoff between himself and several law enforcement agencies on Nov. 16.

According to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, a domestic dispute turned into a standoff with officers from the Sheriff’s Office, Idaho State Police, Bellevue Marshal’s Office, Sun Valley Police Department and the Twin Falls Police Department, all attempting to subdue Dugger, who was wielding a gun throughout the standoff.

At a preliminary hearing on Feb. 14, Blaine County Sheriff’s Detective Kristen Quinton testified that she was one of the first two officers on the scene when the standoff began.

While on the stand, Quinton was asked to explain the events of the day. She testified that she and Sgt. Fabrizio Lizano responded to the call of a domestic dispute with a gun involved at about 10 a.m. on Nov. 16. Quinton said that once on the scene, she made contact with Dugger from her vehicle, parked about 30 feet away from Dugger, who was at a park bench near the convenience store. Before arriving on the scene, she said, they were informed from dispatch that Dugger had a gun and had made “suicidal comments.”

Quinton told the court that throughout the three-hour standoff, Dugger wielded the gun in the direction of the law enforcement authorities and also at himself, pointing it at his mouth and the side of his head.

“[He] was saying that we were going to die, or he was going to die,” Quinton told the court in February.

At a change-of-plea hearing Monday, Dugger said that that day was “the absolute worst, lowest point in my life,” admitting that he was guilty and at fault for the crimes alleged against him. He pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and grand theft by possession for the firearm, which was stolen from a home in Fairfield, in exchange for dismissal of the charges of attempted strangulation and aggravated assault.

Prior to officers arriving at the scene on Nov. 16, a domestic dispute between Dugger and his then girlfriend escalated when Dugger allegedly “grabbed her by the neck from behind and started chocking her,” a probable-cause affidavit written by Quinton states.

“When she finally got away, she said Dugger had his pistol in his hand and was putting it near her head saying he was going to shoot her,” the affidavit states. The victim managed to escape and call police, which led to the standoff.