A Peruvian woman has been sentenced to 18 months on probation following a misdemeanor plea agreement that dismissed two felony charges in exchange for a guilty plea to the lesser charges.

    Alicia Lencia Cantaro-Marquez, 20, was sentenced on Aug. 31 for stealing financial transaction card information from several people and using the credit card information to make purchases online.

    According to a probable-cause for arrest affidavit written by Sun Valley Police Officer Monique Ray, Cantaro-Marquez spent $3,618.17 in illegal transactions using at least four bank cards from three people between February and March. Cantaro-Marquez was arrested on March 10 and in addition to the probation was ordered to pay the stolen amount as restitution to the three victims.

    Based on the affidavit, Cantaro-Marquez was identified as a suspect because items purchased with the stolen card information were addressed to her post office box in Sun Valley. The three alleged victims all either worked or lived with the defendant around the time the fraudulent transactions took place.