Ashley Midby Memorial

Bellevue citizens came together at the end of October for a memorial in Ashley Midby's honor. The investigation into her death and Jared Murphy's is ongoing.

Idaho State Police is still investigating the October deaths of Bellevue residents Ashley Midby and Jared Murphy, Blaine County Coroner Russ Mikel said Monday.

Midby, 34, and Murphy, 28, were found dead with gunshot wounds on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 22, in an office area adjacent to a Bellevue coffee shop where Midby worked.

Mikel told the Express that he had received additional results from autopsies performed on Oct. 26, but the reports “did not provide any new information” or reveal whether one of the wounds was self-inflicted.

“I'm still waiting on the State Police investigation of the scene to determine exactly what happened,” he said. “I need that ISP scene report [to corroborate the autopsy results], and that has not been issued yet.”

Midby was a “daily fixture” in the lives of many Bellevue residents, according to Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns. She was "well known" to Murphy, who was employed as an officer at the Hailey Police Department and was running as a Bellevue mayoral candidate, ISP said at the time.

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