A man from Elko, Nev., re-mains at the Blaine County jail awaiting extradition following his arrest Sunday, which began as a traffic violation stop near Picabo.

After a sheriff’s deputy made the stop, it was discovered that Craig William Huff was driving a stolen vehicle and had multiple warrants out for his arrest in Idaho and Montana. According to court records, Huff, 30, is facing a fugitive-from-justice charge, indicating that he has a warrant from another state and may be extradited to face those charges.

According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Blaine County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Harrison, Harrison was patrolling west on U.S. Highway 20 when he observed a white 2019 Ford F150 travelling east at a high rate of speed. Harrison used his radar to confirm a speed of 87 mph and initiated a traffic stop.

The affidavit states that Huff handed Harrison a business card for a truck dealership in Elko, Nev., with the name Casey Mitchell, claiming to be Mitchell and refusing to give a driver’s license or other formal proof of identification.

Harrison called for backup, and asked Huff to step out of the vehicle, but Huff refused, telling Harrison that he “would have to shoot him before he went to jail,” according to the affidavit. Soon after, Cpl. Joshua Pritchard arrived on the scene and he and Harrison placed Huff under arrest as he continued to resist.

Law enforcement ran the vehicle identification number of the Ford and discovered that it was reported stolen from Gallagher Ford in Elko, Nev. After speaking with an officer from the Elko Police Department, Blaine County deputies were able to identify the suspect and run a driver’s license check on him, at which time they found several warrants for arrest. Three warrants were in Idaho, one out of Bingham County for failure to pay fines and two out of Jerome and Twin Falls counties for failure to appear. Huff also had a warrant out of Missoula County, Mont., for felony theft.

Huff was arraigned in 5th District Magistrate Court in Hailey on Monday and is scheduled for an identification hearing on Oct. 8, at which time his identification will be confirmed as the same person for whom the warrant out of Montana was issued, and he may be extradited at the time or remain in county jail to be transported to any of the three Idaho counties where he faces charges.