A civil lawsuit against the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office was dismissed Tuesday after the plaintiff failed to provide notice of a new attorney or that he was going to be representing himself.

According to court documents, Gregory Sage has had no attorney since last fall when his attorney filed for a motion to withdraw from the case. Court records indicated that Sage’s inactive attorneys include Nathan Richard Starnes, Anthony Joseph Shively and Evan S. Mortimer.

In a motion to dismiss the case filed by Blaine County, the county’s attorney in this case, Joan Elizabeth Callahan, said the plaintiff failed to comply with Idaho rules of civil procedure and never notified the court of a new attorney or that he would be representing himself.

Fifth District Judge Ned Williamson sided with the defense and granted the motion on June 2.

According to a complaint filed Feb. 8, 2019, Sage began working for the Sheriff’s Office as a detention officer at the county jail in the early 1990s. Several years later, according to the complaint, he completed police academy and eventually became a lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Office for several years.

In 2010, Sage became jail administrator at the Blaine County Correctional Facility, and it was in that role that he experienced a traumatic event, he claims.

According to the complaint, in 2017 Sage witnessed an inmate at the jail commit suicide by jumping off a second-story railing and landing just a few yards in front of Sage headfirst, cracking his skull and dying.

“At no point did [Blaine County Sheriff’s Office] or its agents instruct, suggest or request the Plaintiff speak to a mental health professional despite knowing the significant mental and emotional toll this had on him,” the complaint states. “Rather, the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office ignored the traumatic event and went back to business as usual.”

According to a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, no such incident occurred in 2017, though an incident of that description did occur in 2014, as reported by the Idaho Mountain Express on June 18, 2014.