A Ketchum man has been sentenced to two days in jail and two years on probation following an amended criminal complaint by the Blaine County Prosecutor’s Office, which dismissed a single charge of felony attempted strangulation. Instead, the offender pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic battery.

John Keith Tobin, 47, was sentenced in Blaine County’s 5th District Magistrate Court on Jan. 4. In addition to the jail time and probation, Tobin was ordered to complete 48 hours of community service in lieu of six days in jail and ordered to complete a 52-week adult substance abuse education program, according to court records.

Tobin was arrested on Oct. 12, following a dispute that became violent. According to court records, Tobin pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor on Nov. 16—the same day the prosecutor’s office filed an amended criminal complaint, dismissing the felony charge.