A Ketchum man was sentenced to 13 days in jail and five years of supervised probation following a guilty to plea to felony malicious injury to property.

In March, Morton Zerby, 60, of Ketchum, pleaded guilty to the felony in exchange for two misdemeanor charges of unlawful entry and trespass with property damage in excess of $1,000 being dismissed by the prosecutor’s office.

At the sentencing hearing on Monday in Hailey, Zerby’s attorney, Peggy Boggs, said Zerby had cooperated with the case from the beginning, and never denied the damage he caused. According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Sun Valley policeman Steven Whiting, Zerby broke into a Sun Valley resident’s trailer on Sept. 16 and caused thousands of dollars in damages.

By the time of sentencing, Zerby had already paid the $3,482.84 in restitution to the person who’s work trailer he damaged. The affected party said he had no ill feelings towards Zerby, Boggs said at the sentencing hearing.

According to Boggs, Zerby was suffering from a mental illness that led to him damaging the work trailer after a dispute with the owner. Fifth District Judge Ned Williamson agreed with Boggs, adding that the letters from former employers of Zerby all had positive things to say about him.

“People really respect you as a person, when you are on your meds,” Williamson said.

As part of his probation, Zerby must comply with occasional blood tests to ensure he takes his prescribed medication.