A former Carey resident has successfully petitioned the court to deregister as a sex offender following a conviction in 2008 of sexual abuse of a minor when the defendant was 19 and the victim was 13.

Brian Adamson, 31, filed a motion in March petitioning the court to exempt him from continuing to register as a sex offender, arguing that in the past he has had difficulty finding employment due to his criminal history.

At a hearing on Oct. 1, Adamson testified that he is now married to his girlfriend of eight years, he is employed as a software developer and he recently bought a home outside Blaine County.

In a document granting Adamson’s motion issued on Oct. 3, 5th District Judge Ned Williamson said that “Adamson is now a mature man who committed a crime in his youthful past.”

Williamson delved into the details of the 2008 trial, during which Adamson lied under oath to the jury, “failing to take accountability for what he had done,” the document stated.

Adamson was ultimately sentenced to a retained jurisdiction program through the Idaho Department of Correction followed by a five-year probation period, from which he was released early in March 2013.

“During probation and subsequent to his discharge therefrom, Adamson has worked on building a better life and becoming a better person,” Williamson said in the document. “Over the past 12 years, the evidence shows that Adamson has grown from an untruthful 19 year old to a man of maturity and accountability.”

The victim in the 2008 case could not be reached for comment or objection to the motion to deregister, according to the prosecuting attorney.