Ashley Midby Memorial

Bellevue citizens came together at the end of October for a memorial in Ashley Midby's honor. The investigation into her death and Jared Murphy's is ongoing.

More than a month after Bellevue residents Ashley Midby and Jared Murphy were found dead in the office area of a local coffee shop, details of the apparent murder-suicide remain scant.

As of Monday, Idaho State Police had no new information to share on the deaths, according to department spokeswoman Lynn Hightower.

“Detectives are continuing their investigation and awaiting test results,” Hightower told the Idaho Mountain Express, adding that the case continues to be under investigation as a murder-suicide. “No additional details are available at this time.”

The bodies of Midby, 34, and Murphy, 28, were discovered shortly after 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22. Investigators have not said who is thought to have carried out the apparent murder-suicide or whether any weapons were found at the scene. Both appear to have died of gunshot wounds, ISP said in the week following their deaths.

Autopsies were performed on Oct. 26, according to Blaine County Coroner Russ Mikel. At the time, Mikel told the Mountain Express it could be more than a month before the autopsy results are finalized and an official determination is made on whether one of the wounds was self-inflicted.

Midby worked at the coffee shop where her body was found. She was a “daily fixture” in the lives of many Bellevue residents, according to Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns. Murphy, a Bellevue mayoral candidate, worked as an officer in the Hailey Police Department from 2018 until the time of his death, according to employment records obtained by the Express.

Murphy and Midby were “well known to each other,” according to ISP.

According to call logs obtained by the Mountain Express, the Bellevue Marshal’s Office responded to an address identified in county records as Murphy’s home in Bellevue for a “domestic verbal” incident on Oct. 19. Police were also called to Murphy’s house twice on Oct. 23, the day after his death. One of those calls resulted in a report that is currently part of ISP’s investigation, Bellevue Marshal’s Deputy Kirtus Gaston told the Mountain Express earlier this month. Due to its involvement in the investigation, Gaston said that the Marshal’s Office could not provide that report to the Mountain Express and directed the Express to ISP, the investigating agency.

Hightower previously told the Mountain Express that she could not comment on whether calls to Murphy’s house in the week of the shooting are part of the ongoing investigation.

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