A Hailey man was sentenced to two years of probation and given credit for the 160 days he has been in jail for what was initially a felony battery charge.

Joel Elizarras-Razo, 39, has been in jail since Aug. 28, following an incident that led to one victim sustaining a laceration to the face requiring seven stitches. Elizarras-Razo will also be responsible for paying $947 in restitution and $157.50 in court costs.

According to an affidavit written by Bellevue Marshal Isaiah E. Day, he was called to the Silver Dollar Saloon around 1 a.m. on Aug. 26 for a report

of a battery. Following a mild verbal altercation between Elizarras-Razo and the victim’s boyfriend, Elizarras-Razo stepped out of the bar and then quickly re-entered and approached the victim and her boyfriend. While standing behind his wife, Elizarras-Razo threw a glass beer bottle directly at the victim, causing her to be transported to the hospital and receive multiple stiches.

Elizarras-Razo pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery during a change-of-plea and sentencing hearing Monday. He also faces potential deportation and was scheduled to meet with his immigration attorney following the sentencing hearing, according to his criminal defense attorney, Doug Nelson.