Hailey police arrested a man in the early hours of Feb. 18, following a report of a domestic battery incident in Woodside.

Emmanuel Ortega-Aguayo, 26, of Hailey, faces one felony charge of domestic battery in the presence of a child for an alleged confrontation at an apartment that he shared with his partner and two children.

According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Hailey Police Officer Jacy Baird, Baird responded to the scene and “saw a female … standing at the glass sliding door holding a baby that was crying.” The woman appeared to be in distress, Baird said.

Upon entering, Baird spoke with the Ortega-Aguayo to ask what had happened. The defendant allegedly told Baird there was another man in the apartment with his partner when he came downstairs around midnight, which prompted an argument between the defendant and his partner, the alleged victim in this case.

According Baird’s statement, the alleged victim said that Ortega-Aguayo had thrown a chair at the man and kicked him out of the apartment. Then, the defendant allegedly began to argue with the alleged victim again.

“[The alleged victim] stated Emmanuel grabbed her by her face and was pushing her face into the wall in the kitchen,” the affidavit states. According to the alleged victim, she was holding their 7-month-old baby at the time that Ortega-Aguayo allegedly grabbed her. Baird’s affidavit describes a “clear imprint of teeth on [the alleged victim’s] skin” and red discoloration from the defendant allegedly biting her.

In the affidavit, Baird noted a small cut on the alleged victim’s lip.

Ortega-Aguayo arrested and had an initial appearance for the felony charge later the same day. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Friday, at which time the presiding judge must find sufficient evidence for the case to proceed as a felony charge.