A judge has dismissed a felony DUI case against a Hailey woman, citing insufficient evidence.

The case stemmed from a report of an intoxicated driver in Hailey on Nov. 26, and ultimately led to the arrest of the driver and passenger.

According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Hailey Police Officer Jared Murphy, Murphy was notified of an intoxicated driver in Hailey around 6:30 p.m. When Murphy made contact with the reported vehicle, he ran the driver’s license of the woman in the driver’s seat, but upon returning to the vehicle, the passenger, Sadie K. Dawson, 24, reportedly told Murphy that she had been the one driving and that she and the other woman switched seats before he approached the vehicle.

Both women were charged with DUIs. As Dawson’s second excessive DUI charge in less than a year, it was charged as a felony.

However, during a preliminary hearing on Jan. 9, 5th District Magistrate Judge Mark Ingram determined that there was insufficient evidence that Dawson had in fact been the driver of the vehicle, blocking the case from proceeding as a felony.

The woman found in the driver’s seat still faces a misdemeanor DUI charge.