Following a plea agreement, a felony charge was amended to a misdemeanor for a Sun Valley man facing a third DUI conviction.

Jason Bradley Sellars, 34, pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor DUI, accepting an “Alford plea,” meaning the defendant asserts that he did not commit the offense for which he was charged, but fears more severe penalties if convicted and enters a plea of guilty.

Sellars was initially charged with misdemeanor DUI in April for an incident that occurred on April 19; the charge was then amended to a felony after two previous DUI convictions were uncovered.

According to a probable-cause affidavit for the arrest, Sellars allegedly drove to the Ketchum Police Department while intoxicated.

However, during a preliminary hearing, a witness for the defense testified that he had driven Sellars to the police station and then left. Sellars told police officers that he had gone to the police station because he was locked out of his apartment due to his key breaking off in the lock and was trying to get someone to help him get back into his apartment.

Sellars appeared intoxicated, the report states, and a breath test resulted in a blood-alcohol content of 0.173, more than twice the legal limit.

His case will now be remanded back to Magistrate Court for sentencing.