A 68-year-old Fairfield resident has been sentenced to three years in the Idaho state penitentiary after being convicted of his fourth felony DUI in Blaine County’s 5th District Court on Monday.

    Charles Gregory Litschke will spend the next three years of his life in prison, after a lengthy sentencing hearing on Monday at which Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Matt Fredback told the court “it is incredible he hasn’t killed someone.” This was Litschke’s 10th DUI since 1977.

    According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Bellevue Deputy Marshal Isaiah Day, Day was dispatched to the Silver Dollar Saloon, in Bellevue, on July 5 just before 7 p.m. to a call of a hit-and-run crash behind the saloon. Upon arrival, the reporting party stated to Day that “an older man in a silver-colored truck backed into his parked vehicle and left the scene.” Litschke and his truck were located in the alleyway between Oak and Pine Street, next to the Oasis gas station, and the reporting party identified the truck as the one that hit his vehicle, the report states.

    When Day approached Litschke, he “had a very strong order of alcohol coming from his person, glassy bloodshot eyes and slurred speech,” the affidavit states. After only completing one of the three field sobriety tests, Litschke was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI and was transported to the Blaine County Public Safety Facility, where he refused to take a breath test three times, telling officers, “You know I’m over .08,” according to Fredback at the sentencing hearing.

Fredback listed the previous nine DUI convictions, three of which were felonies, telling the court that prison is “absolutely necessary.”

“We’ve tried as hard as we can to get Mr. Litschke to change. I’m done.”

During Litschke’s opportunity to speak to the court prior to testifying, he said that he began drinking again in 2013, when his girlfriend of 25 years died.

    “I’m not the social misfit that maybe it sounds like I am,” Litschke said.

    Regardless, Fredback told the court that Litschke “shows complete and utter lack of insight,” explaining to the court that over the years, multiple attempts had been made to rehabilitate Litschke.

    “You are going to the Idaho state penitentiary,” 5th District Judge Ned Williamson said to Litschke after briefly going over his extensive case history.

    In addition to the prison time, Litschke will have his driver’s license suspended for five years following his release.