A 13-year-old boy is recovering from a broken femur after he was hit by a car while trying to cross the street on his bike in Bellevue on Friday afternoon.

The Bellevue Marshal’s Office said Tuesday that the accident remains under investigation and declined to give any information on the victim or the driver of the vehicle until the investigation is concluded. However, the stepmother of the boy posted on Facebook about the accident, his surgery and his recovery.

According to Bellevue Fire Chief Greg Beaver, the Bellevue Fire Department, along with Wood River Fire & Rescue, responded to the accident at 4:01 p.m. According to Beaver, the teenager had been on a bike at the southern crosswalk at the intersection of Pine Street and Main Street when a car hit him. The boy landed in the middle of the intersection. A witness to the accident, Irene Balarezo (an employee of the Idaho Mountain Express) said she had been at the crosswalk, driving northbound, just a few seconds before the accident occurred.

Balarezo said she had stopped at the crosswalk because she noticed southbound traffic stopped. After Balarezo stopped, she saw a boy on a bicycle ride by in the southern crosswalk heading east. Immediately after driving through the intersection, Balarezo said, she saw in her rearview mirror another boy on a bike fly through the air after being hit by the car that had been driving behind her. Balarezo said she immediately pulled over and called 911, but by that time dispatch had already received several calls and was responding to the accident.

According to Wood River Fire & Rescue interim Chief Ron Bateman, the boy was transported by ambulance to St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center, and according to the boy’s stepmother, he was then transported by helicopter to Boise where he went into surgery for the broken femur and is now out of the hospital and recovering.