A traffic stop for speeding Saturday night led to a felony charge of methamphetamine possession for a Bellevue woman after a deputy marshal pulled her over for going 7 mph over the speed limit on Main Street in Bellevue.

After Cassandra Lynn Sturgeon, 23, was arrested for driving without privileges, a significant amount of drug paraphernalia and meth residue was allegedly found in the vehicle, leading to the felony charge.

According to a probable-cause affidavit written by Bellevue Deputy Marshal Thomas Linton, Sturgeon was pulled over going south on Main Street after allegedly being caught on radar going 32 in a 25 mph zone around 7:30 p.m.

When Linton made contact with Sturgeon, she told the deputy marshal that she did not have her driver’s license because it had been suspended. The deputy marshal confirmed with dispatch that Sturgeon had a suspended license until November 2020 for failure to provide proof of insurance. Linton placed Sturgeon under arrest for driving without privileges and informed her that the vehicle would be impounded and that an inventory of the vehicle would be performed by himself and Blaine County Sheriff’s Deputy Mickey Henderson.

Upon search of the vehicle, deputies found “a rock that had been altered to act as a marijuana pipe … a large green bong … two glass pipes … for smoking methamphetamine, numerous syringes, a bent spoon with dirty cotton swabs … numerous empty vaping pods (marijuana), and a grinder for grinding marijuana,” the affidavit states.

Sturgeon told the deputies that the paraphernalia being pulled from the vehicle did not belong to her. She was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor driving without privileges and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Once back at the Marshal’s Office in Bellevue, Linton tested one of the confiscated dirty cotton swabs and the test came back presumptive positive for methamphetamine. Linton returned to the Blaine County Detention Center and amended the charges to include felony possession of narcotics.

Sturgeon was released from jail Monday on a $5,000 bond following an initial appearance. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 13, when sufficient evidence must be presented by the state for the case to go to District Court for prosecution.