A Peruvian citizen living in Bellevue was sentenced to a retained jurisdiction, also known as a rider, following a guilty plea in November to two felony charges.

Dayber Alarcon-Riveros, 20, was initially charged with four felonies: sexual abuse of a minor by solicitation, lewd conduct of a minor, sexual abuse of a minor by inducing to witness a sexual act and possession of child sexually exploitative material. Alarcon-Riveros pleaded guilty to the lewd conduct and sexual abuse of a minor by inducing and was sentenced Wednesday afternoon on the two felony charges.

During Alarcon-Riveros’ preliminary hearing on July 8, the alleged victim, 13 by that time, testified that Alarcon-Riveros lived in the same house with her and her parents because his sister was dating a relative of the family. She told the court that she and the defendant were more than friends and that they talked about sexual things.

According to prosecuting attorney Matt Fredback, the relationship was uncovered when the father of the victim saw the two coming out of a closet in the house together. After the victim’s parents confiscated her phone, they found pornographic videos sent by the defendant, 19 at the time, to their then 12-year-old daughter.

Following his arrest on March 6, 2019, investigators found 30 to 40 images of a sexual nature on the defendant’s phone, including at least one of an “obviously underage female,” Fredback said during the sentencing hearing.

Fredback told the court that Alarcon-Riveros had groomed the victim by first becoming her friend and building her trust until she became infatuated with him, and he then violated her sexually.

Because this was Alarcon-Riveros’ first felony offense, Williamson followed the recommendation of the defense and sentenced him to a rider, retaining jurisdiction of the case for one year while he receives sex offender treatment. However, due to an immigration hold, Alarcon-Riveros will likely be deported after he is released from the Idaho Department of Correction, according to his defense attorney, Doug Nelson.