Moises Monrreal, Jr., 32, of Hailey, was originally arrested in Hailey on Jan. 27 on a charge of felony domestic violence “inflicting traumatic injury” after allegedly causing bruising to his partner’s neck and injuries to her back, according to a criminal complaint filed by Blaine County Prosecutor Matt Fredback. In a police report filed that same day, Hailey Police Officer Tim Ragusa wrote that he was dispatched to a home in Hailey for a possible domestic violence call on Jan. 27. Upon arrival, he wrote that he observed “blood drops all over the living room area” and “blood smeared on the walls” near a child’s room. The alleged victim had “fresh” bruising on her chin and jaw and reported being pushed into a dresser and grabbed by the neck but was “hesitant” to answer further questions about the incident “and kept saying she didn’t remember,” Ragusa stated.

“When I walked [the woman] by Moises he stared at her with a look of, ‘you better not say anything’ as she went to get checked by medical,” Ragusa stated. The woman was transported to St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center in Ketchum where she was treated for her injuries. At the hospital, she allegedly told Ragusa that Monrreal “had already called her from jail and told her she needed to go to the court” to advocate for him.

Monrreal’s felony charge, which carried up to 10 years in state prison, was amended to misdemeanor battery on Feb. 7 after the alleged victim filed a statement with the court on Feb. 6 stating that he “is a great dad and partner.”