The cities of Carey and Fairfield had no reported cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday afternoon. Both rural town mayors reported near shutdowns in business activity as isolations orders continue.

“We have no confirmed cases in Carey,” Mayor Randy Patterson told the Idaho Mountain Express. “I am sure that will change.”

The Carey City Council passed an emergency declaration last Tuesday night.

“We have made everyone aware of the isolation order and are keeping tabs on people and what their needs are,” Patterson said. He met in person with the city clerk on Tuesday for the city council meeting in case anybody else showed up, which they did not.

“We tabled all business except paying the bills and the emergency declaration,” he said. “I instructed staff to do everything they could from home and only come into the office if they absolutely had to.”

Patterson said the churches of the community are being “very proactive” in keeping track of the seniors and others who are considered vulnerable. He said businesses have mostly closed.

“I am sure that the Oasis in town is feeling some changes,” Patterson said. “There is very little traffic on the road and most people are staying home.”

Fairfield City Clerk Mickey Dalin told the Mountain Express on Friday that there were no known cases of COVID-19 in town.

“We are following the guidelines from South Central Health and the Office of the Governor until we have a confirmed case of COVID-19,” Dalin said. “At that time, we will reevaluate.”

Fairfield Mayor Terry Lee said on Tuesday that no COVID cases had been reported in town.

“We declared an emergency last Tuesday and everything seems to be going alright so far,” Lee said. ‘Most of the businesses are closed. Only the Wrangler is open for take-out.”

With the school closed, Lee said people are adjusting.

“I don’t see a lot of kids gathering together,” he said. “I am quite pleased with how the public are handling it. That makes my job easier.”

Lee said a special city council meeting will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. to ratify the emergency declaration. Residents are asked to tune in by phone. He said future meetings will likely be conducted by teleconference.

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