Power Engineers Headquarters

Power Engineers’ headquarters are located in Hailey.

Power Engineers CEO Jim Haynes recently signed a pledge to advance the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, which started with the appointment of a committee two years ago.

The “CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion,” signed by more than 2,400 CEOs nationwide, commits company leadership to cultivating open dialogues about employee diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); expanding consciousness about unconscious biases; and sharing best practices for programs and initiatives.

“It’s a natural next step in our efforts,” Haynes said. “Our goal is to make Power the best possible place to work. To realize that vision, we need to make sure we’re a welcoming, inclusive place where everyone feels like they belong.”

Power Engineers CEO signs diversity, equity and inclusion action pledge

{p class=”Bodycopy”}Sumi Sankaran-Deal is working to celebrate diversity among the 3,500 employees at Power Engineers, which is based in Hailey.

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