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Nomadic Van-Sun Valley owners Ron Arnold and Gardner Cord stand in front of a Mitsubishi Delica van, one vehicle their dealership and rental service will specialize in.

According to Nomadic Van business owners Ron Arnold and Gardner Cord, their dealership and rental service should be open in Ketchum by mid-December.

After receiving a conditional-use permit on Nov. 12 from the Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission, Arnold and Cord said Nomadic Van is currently in its remodel phase.

“The Idaho Transportation Department has a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to get our dealership license—one of those things is a brick-and-mortar showroom,” Arnold said in an interview last week. “So we have to take down some walls to make sure we’re legally spacious enough to be a dealership.”

Since securing a demolition permit last Thursday, Nomadic Van has one step left after remodel before it can open at 115 Northwood Way in Ketchum’s light-industrial district.

“We have to get an Idaho Transportation Department representative to come up and give a final OK on the building, and then we will be good to go,” Cord said.

The business received praise from P&Z commissioners last week for its potential to revitalize the “van life” community in Ketchum.

“In my mind, [Nomadic] is a perfect fit for the L.I.,” Commissioner Tim Carter said. “Having this business located here will add to Ketchum’s recreational culture. People are going to come and buy or rent these vans, and get in them and go up over Galena Pass—it’s going to add a lot of vitality.”

According to Arnold, the vehicle the company specializes in is the Mitsubishi Delica, a smaller camper van with right-hand-steering.

One benefit of the Delica is its ability to scale rough terrain.

“It’s super capable off-road. For its size, it’s the most respected van in terms of 4-wheel-drive capability,” Arnold said.

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