Idaho’s phased reopening in the past several weeks has allowed for eateries across the valley to once again welcome diners—in limited numbers—back indoors. Nonetheless, curbside takeout services have remained popular for local restaurants.

Modified services still equal reduced services, however, and therefore reduced revenue. Many businesses in Blaine County have felt the economic fallout wrought by coronavirus closures.

Regardless of what the future holds—whether increased business or another round of closures—a new community-built website aims to help area restaurants get their services out to the public. was recently launched by valley resident Tracy Lyon. The objective is simple: to provide a consolidated online platform for local restaurants fulfilling curbside pickup.

“It was difficult for me to figure out which restaurants were offering curbside pick-up as well as getting through during peak business hours,” Lyon explained. “I’ve seen various platforms in other cities we have lived in, but what would it look like here in the valley? The vision was simplicity for the guests and beneficial for our local restaurants.”

Prospective diners who, like Lyon, may not know which restaurants are active and to what extent, can find an ever-expanding roster of local restaurants at, each with direct links to a simple online ordering process.

The platform is free for local restaurants to join. Currently, 15 restaurants from Hailey and Ketchum are featured on the site, with Enoteca, Hailey Coffee Co., Glow and Lago Azul listed as “coming soon.”

Lyon plans to expand the website to include Bellevue restaurants soon, and hopes that one day every Wood River Valley restaurant offering curbside pick-up may find the tool a useful way to reach people.

Cafe Della co-founder and proprietor Liza Green has already seen the benefits of the new platform.

“The new 5BFlavor site is invaluable to restaurants throughout the valley, providing a centralized platform for customers to find and order food,” Green said.

In addition to getting more food out the door, Green said, the platform has also helped with visibility, attracting new customers who may not have been acquainted with her cafe.

“Having a digital platform that aids that discovery is a win-win for customers and businesses,” she said. “Online ordering in particular has been critical to the success of our business during the COVID pandemic. We are grateful for the efforts of the 5BFlavor team and look forward to the continued discovery this facilitates for our residents and visitors valleywide.”

Free to join for restaurateurs and free to use for diners, is active now. Questions and comments can be directed by email to

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