New residences are planned for Sweetwater Community in Woodside subdivision in Hailey. The planned new units will be built on “Parcel B,” a 1.84-acre site on the east side of Shenandoah Drive between Maple Leaf Drive and Countryside Boulevard.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission approved a design-review application Monday for 13 three-story duplex homes in the Sweetwater development in Woodside subdivision.

The 26 new housing units, planned by developer Mike Bradshaw, will mark the first phase of a jumpstart to an ambitious development that stalled during the Great Recession.

“We want to deliver and finish out what was started here,” Bradshaw said during Monday’s meeting.

Sweetwater Community was planned in 2005 as a 421-unit, $200 million housing development on 20 acres of land straddling Countryside Boulevard. To date, 71 townhouse units have been completed and sold.

As part of a settlement of a lawsuit filed in 2010 by the original Sweetwater developer against the city of Hailey over affordable-housing requirements, no such requirements are attached to the current and future Sweetwater developments. However, as part of the settlement, the Sweetwater project did yield 22 units of rent-capped senior housing on a $1.8 million piece of property on River Street developed by ARCH Housing Trust.

The planned new units will be built on “Parcel B,” a 1.84-acre site on the east side of Shenandoah Drive between Maple Leaf Drive and Countryside Boulevard, under an existing planned-unit development.

Original townhome designs will be replaced with duplexes.

P&Z members applauded Bradshaw’s designs and color schemes, which mimic existing buildings that already surround Sweetwater Park on three sides.

“This will be a great addition to the community,” Commissioner Richard Pogue said.

Bradshaw said the individual units would sell from $355,000 to $380,000 each. Each unit would be 2,796 square feet.

“We are super excited to get this going,” he said.

Sweetwater Community Project Manager Paul Hopfenbeck, who worked as original job supervisor on the development, said 35 percent of the existing units are owned by second-home owners. He said the new duplex units would receive amenities under the Sweetwater Homeowners Association, including access to a $2.5 million commons building, with a theater, kitchen, pool and spa, and athletic facility.

In an interview, Bradshaw said his partnership company, Sweetwater Community LLC, owns the entire remaining 12 acres of the original Sweetwater PUD.

“The duplexes should be available by this summer for occupation,” he said.

Bradshaw said he is also working on development of an additional 70 units on a 1,400-foot-long parcel on the west side of Shenandoah Drive. He said some will be live-work units, some townhome units and some condos, and they could include office and retail space on the ground floor.

“It will be a good 18 months before they are all up and out of the ground and for sale,” he said.

Bradshaw said an additional parcel that could accommodate about 28 units to the north of Sweetwater Park could be ready for development in two years.

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