The Sun Valley City Council has authorized purchase of a new $51,900 tactical pickup truck for the Fire Department.

The vehicle, a four-door 2020 Chevrolet Silverado, comes as a significant upgrade to the department’s two-door 2008 pickup. With increased horsepower and towing ability, the vehicle will be able to pull a backcountry rescue trailer—traditionally towed by a fire rig—and will easily accommodate four firefighters plus their equipment.

Fire Chief Tann Robrahn commented on the plan during a City Council meeting on Oct. 3.

“Right now, the two-door is a bit like a clown car when all [firefighters] try to cram in with their gear,” he said. “Currently, we have to use one of our wildland fire rigs to tow the backcountry trailer, which then takes that vehicle out of service.”

Robrahn said the multipurpose vehicle will give the Fire Department more options, with plowing one of its many functions.

“We’ll be using the truck for snow removal and taking the plow attachment from our old vehicle,” he said.

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