Sun Valley City Council members voted 3-0 on Sept. 2 to approve a 95-year lease of 2.35 acres of land near the North Blaine County Fire District station at Greenhorn Gulch, north of Hailey.

The Idaho Transportation Department has agreed to lease the land to the North Blaine County Fire District and the city—which manages the district—for $1 per year.

The district’s commissioners have approved the lease.

The city and district intend to develop the land with housing for first responders. City Administrator Walt Femling told the City Council that the involved parties are researching what type of units can be built, how many units can be built and how the project could be financed.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” he said.

The district—formerly the Ketchum Rural Fire Protection District—includes Blaine County’s unincorporated areas from the middle Wood River Valley north to the county line.

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