YMCA Recycling Parking Lot

Glass and corrugated cardboard will still be collected in large recycling bins at the Y, but other materials will have to be dropped off in Hailey or Ohio Gulch.

Due to persistent contamination, a large recycling bin for plastic, paper and cans has been removed from the Community YMCA parking lot in Ketchum.

According to Assistant City Administrator Lisa Enourato, the bin was removed after discussions between the city and Clear Creek Disposal. Enourato said Clear Creek had reported that the contents were regularly contaminated and had been disposed of as trash rather than recycled.

Glass and corrugated cardboard are still being collected at the YMCA site. Plastic containers Nos. 1-2, office paper and newspaper, and aluminum and “tin” cans can be still be deposited in bins at the Ohio Gulch Transfer Station and at the Park and Ride Lot in Hailey.

Clear Creek Disposal’s residential trash pick-up service includes pick-up of paper, cans and plastic for recycling.

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