A dust-control project will slow driving times on three roads in the Salmon-Challis National Forest from June 14-25.

The project consists of heavy surface maintenance and the application of magnesium chloride as a dust suppressant/surface stabilizer. Included roads are the first 3.75 miles of the Dagger-Boundary Road (No. 40568) from its beginning to the Camptender Trailhead, the Stanley-Landmark Road (No. 40579) between state Highway 21 and the junction with the Dagger-Boundary Road and the Salmon River Road (No. 60030) between Spring Creek and Corn Creek,

Aside from just reducing dust, the project will greatly reduce maintenance needs, the Forest Service stated in a press release. The project is partly funded by recreation fees.

Road users are cautioned that the project uses a mix of heavy equipment and trucks not commonly encountered on these roads. Limited turnouts may necessitate blocking the road for short periods of time. Drivers should anticipate variable driving conditions and possible short delays within active work zones.

Magnesium chloride enhances the bonding of surface particles to provide a stable and relatively dust-free road surface. The product is also a common highway deicer and is moderately corrosive to metals when combined with water. Since it bonds tightly with soil particles, corrosive properties are greatly diminished once the road has “set up.” Wet road conditions during application or significant weather events increase the likelihood of the product being deposited on vehicles. Reduced travel speeds in these conditions can help minimize the amount of material deposited on vehicles and the effort required to clean

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