The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved findings of fact and conclusions of law regarding a conditional-use permit application from PA Spirits LLC, authorizing Party Animal Vodka to move ahead with a planned alcohol mixing, serving and retail facility at 117 N. River St.

The existing 2,550-square-foot commercial building is across the street from the Sawtooth Brewery Tap Room and adjacent to the Park & Ride bus stop and recycling site.

Party Animal Vodka will serve ready-to-drink cocktails made with its potato vodka base, which is bottled and distributed in Rigby. Company representative Josh Hanson told the P&Z that no distillation will take place at the Hailey facility. Rather, the vodka will be flavored, or “infused,” on-site with fruit and other locally farmed produce, he said.

After obtaining a beer and wine license, the company plans to open an outdoor public beer garden space where ready-to-drink cocktails will be served. It also plans to offer private tours of its indoor mixing room, Hanson said, where customers would be allotted two samplings each of less than a quarter ounce of vodka. Party Animal Vodka is also planning on partnering with food trucks to provide additional food service outside, he added.

The “boutique operation” will have a similar scope of service to Sun Valley Brewery and Sawtooth Brewery, according to the city. It has been classified by the city fire inspector as a “moderate hazard manufacturing” business.

Party Animal Potato Vodka is currently available at all liquor stores in the Wood River Valley. According to the company, the craft vodka is made from locally sourced Russet potatoes, and 10% of proceeds go to various animal and wildlife foundations, including Mountain Humane, the Idaho Humane Society and Oceana, a marine protection organization.

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