Jordyn Dooley

Jordyn Dooley opened an art therapy practice in Ketchum in early February.

Jordyn Dooley, a licensed professional counselor with a Master of Science degree in art therapy, has opened her own art therapy and counseling practice, Mosaic Sun Valley, with offices in Ketchum. Prior to the practice’s opening in February, Dooley headed up art therapy for the Sun Valley Museum of Art, but she said having her own practice has “been a big dream for a long time.”

Mosaic Sun Valley practices art therapy “informed by traditional psychotherapy,” Dooley said, in which patients can use visual arts to externalize and explore challenging personal issues. Dooley works with clients of all ages, and has noted a rise in the past year in the number of children struggling with anxiety because of changes to schooling and socialization caused by the pandemic. Having a difficult time verbalizing and analyzing complex emotions isn’t unique to children and teens, however, and Dooley said adults she’s worked with in the past find art a very useful therapeutic medium.

“The most important thing with the art in the process is that there are no prerequisites—you don’t have to be an artist and you don’t have to be nervous. It’s an important tool to externalize problems—anxiety, depression, trauma. Putting that on paper, even if it’s just a shape or a color or a few lines, it gives form to the problem and provides an opportunity to look at it in a different way.

“I’m an artist as well as a therapist. Building upon a basis of psychotherapy, and using art as a tool, [my clients and I] work alongside one another to get them to a point where they can face the challenges of life right now.”

Mosaic Sun Valley is open for business at 128 Saddle Road, Suite 103 B, Ketchum. Visit, call 208-213-2213 or email for more information.

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