Next Wednesday, May 20, at 5:30 p.m., the Hailey Public Library will host Tim Frazier for the first in a series of remote Zoom talks about Idaho’s night sky. Wednesday’s talk will set the scene on an appropriately astronomic scale, considering the theme “Our Place in the Universe.”

Frazier has a long history studying the night sky, spearheading projects of research, art, engineering and astronomy with NASA, Idaho State University, the Magic Valley Astronomical Society and Vanderbilt University, among other institutes.

On Wednesday evening, he will lay the groundwork for his summer series by discussing the Earth, its place within the solar system, that system’s place within the galaxy and so on into the far reaches of the known universe.

“Our incredible dark skies are a treasure,” said Kristin Fletcher, adult programs coordinator at the library. “Tim’s remarkable ability to blend science with the majesty of the night sky helps us gain a new perspective of how our little blue planet fits in the infinite reaches of space.”

Participants can register for the Zoom talk by emailing

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