The Ketchum City Council on Monday agreed to accept ownership of a small section of Sun Valley Road from the Idaho Transportation Department.

ITD has plans to delegate ownership of about 3.6 miles of Sun Valley Road—from state Highway 75 to a point near Boundary Campground and the beginning of Trail Creek Road—to the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The Idaho Transportation Board is scheduled to consider and issue approval of the transfer on April 21.

Under the plan, the first one-third mile—from Main Street in Ketchum to the city limits—would be transferred from state ownership to Ketchum, and the next 3.3 miles would be transferred to Sun Valley. As part of the plan, Sun Valley would receive from ITD about $3.3 million and Ketchum would receive just over $864,000. The cities can use the funds to repair and rebuild the road.

The City Council agreed to allow the transfer of ownership through a vote approving the consent agenda, a list of action items approved by the council in a single vote.

If approved by the state, the ownership transfer would be processed by Blaine County, as the state cannot legally pass ownership of property directly to cities.

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