Idaho State Police troopers will conduct extra patrols through the Labor Day weekend as part of a statewide education and enforcement campaign to prevent impaired driving.

According to Idaho crash data, impaired driving was the cause of 1,513 crashes in Idaho last year, with 92 people being killed as a result. Hundreds more were injured.

“We are urging people who use alcohol or other impairing substances to plan ahead and not get behind the wheel,” ISP Lt. Marvin Crane said. “Most folks actually make the right choice, and that’s appreciated. But for those who don’t, troopers are on the roads looking for them before they hurt themselves or someone else.”

ISP is joining more than 60 local law enforcement agencies around the state and the state Office of Highway Safety to conduct the extra patrols. The latest DUI education and enforcement campaign began Aug. 20 and coincides with the close of the summer driving season known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” Between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, Idaho typically sees an increase in fatality and injury crashes.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety, highway fatality crashes have increased in 2021.

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