The governing board of the Ketchum Rural Fire Protection District will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18, at Sun Valley City Hall, to consider a resolution to change its name to Blaine County Fire and Rescue.

“Having almost the same name as the city of Ketchum Fire Department when our Rural Fire District covers an extensive area outside the city limits has caused confusion with the public,” said Jed Gray, Fire District Commission chairman. “It is particularly confusing now that we are contracting with the city of Sun Valley for staffing. Invoices and calls still continue to go to the city of Ketchum.”

The district’s commissioners voted in 2019 to switch from contracting with the city of Ketchum to provide fire protection services to contracting with the city of Sun Valley, after a decades-long partnership with Ketchum.

The Ketchum Rural Fire Protection District boundaries extend north from Ohio Gulch Road on the east side of state Highway 75 and Golden Eagle subdivision on the west, in the unincorporated area of Blaine County. It provides fire protection outside of the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley north to Galena Summit.

The idea of a new name was discussed at a district meeting last month. Under Idaho Code, the district can change its name by holding a public hearing, adopting a resolution with the new name and sending it to the state Tax Commission and the Blaine County recorder.

“Renaming the district Blaine County Fire and Rescue more accurately identifies the citizens the district serves,” a district news release states.

“The name Blaine County Fire and Rescue reflects the fact that, under our mutual aid agreement with other local fire departments and fire districts, we respond throughout the county whenever asked,” said Ketchum Rural Fire District Chief Rich Bauer.

People who attend the meeting must wear a face covering. Those who want to comment on the change can submit comments prior to the meeting to

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