Idaho-based canned cocktail company Boozie, in partnership with Hayden Beverage, will donate $2 to the Boozie Cocktails for COVID-19 Idaho Relief Fund for each can of Boozie purchased at participating retailers starting June 1. The company has pledged up to $60,000.

Funds will support local registered nurses who are on the front lines of the pandemic and face student loan debt upon their graduation from Boise State University’s nursing program. The Blaine County Charitable Fund, which provides grant money to county residents experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis, will also receive a donation.

Boozie co-founders and Boise State University alumni Luke and Kasey Dixon have personal connections to nurses as Luke’s sister is a nurse working in the fight against COVID-19.

“We recognized a unique opportunity to thank those who have been tirelessly working the front lines in Idaho while also continuing their education at Boise State to provide higher-quality care,” Kasey Dixon said.

The Dixons reside in Blaine County, where they have witnessed the impact of the pandemic. Boozie retailer and locally owned mainstay Atkinsons’ Markets will also contribute a dollar for each can of Boozie sold at one of their three locations during the month of June.

“Our industry has not been hit nearly as hard as most,” said Dodds Hayden, owner and CEO of Hayden Beverage. “We are grateful to share our fortune and help those in our communities. Boozie came up with a great idea to do so and we are excited to participate.”

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